Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December Daily Specials

Sorry to all our customers for the delay on the update . Here is the remainder of the month of December, and have a "Merry, Merry Christmas" from everybody at Big Wallys.

Thursday 13th- Chicken Burrito-Quesolle
Friday 14th- Cabbage Burgers or Soup

Monday 17th- B.L.T. or Soup
Tuesday 18th- Fried Tacos
Wednesday 19th- Fried Tacos
Thursday 20th- Rueben Sand. or Soup (subject to change)
Friday 21st- Pulled Pork Sand.

Monday 24th- B.L.T. or Soup
Tuesday 25th-Closed Merry Christmas
Wednesday 26th- Chicken Enchilada
Thursday 27- Chicken Burrito-Quesolle
Friday 28th- Cabbage Burger or Soup

Monday 31st- B.L.T. or soup