Monday, January 7, 2008


Wednesday 2nd- Fried Tacos
Thursday 3rd- Fried Tacos
Friday 4th- Pulled Pork

Monday 7th- B.L.T. or Soup
Tuesday 8th- Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile
Wednesday 9th- Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile
Thursday 10th-Chicken Alfredo
Friday 11th- Cabbage Burgers

Monday 14th- B.L.T or Soup
Tuesday 15th- Fried Tacos
Wednesday 16th- Fried Tacos
Thursday 17th- Spaggetti with Meat Balls
Friday 18th- Pulled Pork

Monday 21st- B.L.T. or Soup
Tuesday 22nd- Smothered Enchiladas
Wednesday 23rd- Smothered Enchiladas
Thursday 24th- Chicken Burrito
Friday 25th- Cabbage Burgers

Monday 28th- B.L.T. or Soup
Tuesday 29th- Fried Tacos
Wednesday 30th- Fried Tacos
Thursday 31st- Chicken Alfredo